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The twentytwo presents the iconic concept of the twentythree in a more compact and agile model, preserving the same aggressive temperament.

6,76 meters long, the twentytwo is a prime example of balanced fusion between a sporty nature and an elegant design.

If you are looking for an exhilarating experience at sea and don’t accept to settle for compromises in terms of safety and comfort, the twentytwo is the RIB conceived by MAR.CO specifically for you. The length being equal, no other boat compares to the it at sea.

The design perfectly embodies the idea of essential elegance and aims to avoid futile redundancies and to bring out functionality of every detail. The twentytwo inspires balance and sober beauty at first glance.

As the larger MAR.CO models, the twentytwo offers the possibility to transform the cockpit in a dining area equipped with table, where you can relax with you family and friends.

On top of the main optional equipment specified in the table above, here at MAR.CO we actually offer you the possibility to customize your boat in countless different ways, which are impossible to list exhaustively. Contact us at and discover how you can make your boat truly unique

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