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Among all MAR.CO models, the twentythree is the one that best embodies the brand spirit: a refined artisanal product with a classy design and peerless productive quality. Not surprisingly, it is also the most loved model among MAR.CO’s enthusiasts for its being an icon of style and excellence at sea.

The twentythree structure is characterized by a deep-V hull and a decidedly high bow that define an aggressive profile and offer you a sporty and still completely safe and comfortable riding experience even in unfavorable weather conditions.

Spaces aboard are accurately balanced for maximizing relax and fun for all family members. Especially thanks to the spacious dining area in the stern.

Even after 2017 restyling that has renovated the style keeping it true to its nature, the MAR.CO twentythree confirms to be an all-times classic that never goes out of style.

On top of the main optional equipment specified in the table above, here at MAR.CO we actually offer you the possibility to customize your boat in countless different ways, which are impossible to list exhaustively. Contact us at and discover how you can make your boat truly unique

make it unique

Some examples of customization

The other models

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