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There are emotions that last in time, and boats that never fade. The MAR.CO twenty is an enduring classic that firmly navigates through evanescent  trends with the same reassuring confidence with which it faces the waves at sea.

The 6,36 meters length makes it the perfect meeting point between teen line models and the larger models, such as the twentytwo and the twentythree. More spacious and comfortable than the former, more agile and affordable than the latter, the twenty represents the acclaimed combination of the different models.

The shapes are harmonious and essential and show a strong family feeling with the entire open RIBs line, the deck layout is meticulously designed to optimize comfort and relax aboard, the deep-V hull makes it beyond compare in navigation.

As the larger models, the twenty comes with an independent driver bench that boost the driving experience. The sink and the fridge equipped in the driver bench let you fully enjoy your day at sea along with your family and friends.

On top of the main optional equipment specified in the table above, here at MAR.CO we actually offer you the possibility to customize your boat in countless different ways, which are impossible to list exhaustively. Contact us at and discover how you can make your boat truly unique

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