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TWENTY MAY19 (English)

Aggiornato il: 10 giu 2019

We have the pleasure to show you a collection of photos of this new TWENTY, delivered in May.

MAR·CO TWENTY is 6.36 meters long and it is the smallest model of ours presenting an independent driver's bench.

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Intro video from our Youtube channel;

  • Gelcoat: White;

  • Tubes: Ice white;

  • Large band: Neptune grey (carbon);

  • Smallstripe: Etna red;

  • Logos: Off white (carbon);

  • Fenders: Antracite;

  • Handles: Neptune grey (carbon);

  • 45 liters ice-box and sink;

  • Console;

  • Upholstery detail;

  • Fiberglass hard-nose with electric windlass;

  • Foldable rollbar;

  • Telescopic ladder;

  • Engine: YAMAHA 150hp.

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