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E-36 T-Top preview

We are pleased and honoured to officially introduce you the new E-MOTION 36 T-Top.

All the photos have been taken in our factory in Muggiò (Italy) during the production of the last E-36 of this season.

“Physical” introduction will take place at the next Cannes (France) and Genoa (Italy) boat shows, held between September and October.

[Versione in italiano]

This T-Top is the outcome of a project that took several months of development and refinements, in order to achieve the result we imagined and transform what were abstract concepts in our minds into the form we all can see now.

The structure is completely made of fiberglass, with the exception of two stainless steel support poles, and it has been designed to perfectly integrate with the deck, enhancing its elegant and refined lines.

Our main goal was to create a T-Top that would not be an ordinary attachment of the rib, but a fundamental part of E-36 itself, both in functional and aesthetical terms. We achieved it with the help of two fiberglass arms that extend forwards to embrace the deckhouse and lie on it. The windshield completes the union between the two structures and fully protects the driver from air and water.

A peculiar trait of this T-Top is definitely represented by its dimensions in terms of surface, extremely large relative to a 10.70 meters rib. It stretches in length and width, maximizing the area underneath repaired by the sun or the rain.

In its back section, the T-Top is supported by two stainless steel poles that lie on the gunwales at the side of dinette area. This solution allows optimization of spaces on the deck, free of internal supports around the bench or directly on it, and stability of the structure itself.

Like any other MAR.CO project, it has been studied thoroughly in every detail and all its shapes are designed to effectively host its main accessories, lights and stereo speakers in particular.

The structure is completed by two broad compartments and a plexiglas skylight in the center of it.

The T-Top in the photos is painted in metallic black and white.

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