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MAR.CO boats

MAR.CO Marine Costruzioni is a family-run boat manufacturer based near Milan (Italy). Our RIBs are renowned for being a symbol of exclusiveness, elegance and top quality.

Founded by Mario Zamuner in 1974 and now led by his sons Mauro and Marco, our mission is to put our four decades of experience and passion at the service of everyone who loves excellence and quality at sea the way we do.

Our manufacturing process is traditionally characterized by a limited and make to order production. We are proud to offer you the possibility to entirely customize your MAR.CO in every single detail, according to your needs and preferences. In this way, we can truly say that every single boat we produce is unique.

Because your vacation matters, together we can make it unique!

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There are no identical MAR.COs.

Every MAR.CO is unique r-evolution x36.jpg

Elegance is not optional. MAR.COs are instantly recognizable

MAR.CO leads the technological development of RIB industry

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There are emotions that last in time.

And boats that never fade

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For those who love enjoying the sea without giving up comfort

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MAR.CO means passion.

Our passion, your passion

Enter our world and live your MAR.CO passion to the fullest

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