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If it is an affordable and easy-to-manage boat you’re after, the MAR.CO seventeen is the right choice for you. Thanks to its dimensions and weights, the seventeen is the only RIB by MAR.CO which you can drive without a boat licence.

Quintessential example of compact inflatable boats, teen is the line designed by MAR.CO for those who wish to enjoy the passion and the exclusivity of the brand at an affordable price, from the couple that doesn’t need superfluous spaces aboard to young first-time buyers.

The teen line perfectly embodies MAR.CO’s DNA: 360° personalization let you make your boat truly unique; the style immediately conveys elegance, sport and a strong family feeling with larger models; the deck layout is conceived to balance all spaces and maximize comfort aboard; the deep-V hull make your driving experience extremely exhilarating and safe.

On top of the main optional equipment specified in the table above, here at MAR.CO we actually offer you the possibility to customize your boat in countless different ways, which are impossible to list exhaustively. Contact us at and discover how you can make your boat truly unique

The other models

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