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Aggiornamento: 11 lug 2019

The TWENTYTHREE (7,40 meters) in a highly elegant version, marked by its cream and brown colours, and powered by a YAMAHA 300hp.

The first three photos have been taken in our factory in Muggiò, whereas all the others have been taken at Lake como.

Have fun!


luxury rib
  • Fiberglass colour: Cream;

best 7 meters rib
  • Upholstery: Ivory with brown details and stitching; twentythree 23
  • Tubes: Cream White;

  • Central band: Cappuccino (carbon);

  • Logos: White off (carbon);

  • Rubstrake/fender: Crema;

  • Handles: Cappuccino (carbon);

 gussi corvina steering wheel
  • Driver's consolle with: Garmin GPS & VHF, windlass handheld remote control with chain counter, Fusion stereo and Gussi wheel;

lake como boat
  • Bow sundeck;

lake como rib
  • Consolle's forward seat;

luxury boat

family boat

rib upholstery
  • Driver's bench with: 70 L refrigerator, faucet and sink;

bimini rollbar
  • Rollbar and beige bimini;

comfort rib
  • Dinette area;

yamaha 300 hp rib
  • Stern platforms with teak (black lines);

yamaha 300hp outboard
  • Engine: YAMAHA 300HP.

If you are interested in other ways in which you can customize your MAR·CO TWENTYTHREE, here are some examples:


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