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Retractable table with electric support on MAR.CO boats

In a video interview recently uploaded online, a manager of an Italian boat company and the interviewer present a new RIB and describe the retractable table with electric support as “a solution perhaps never seen on a RIB” and “a solution almost unthinkable on a RIB”.

We would like to point out that retractable tables have been introduced on inflatable boats by MAR·CO since the early 2000s, whereas the electric support has been introduced on MAR·CO boats for almost 10 years.

In 44 years of history we got used to see a lot of good or bad copies of our products, but presenting them as original seems frankly a little too much.

We understand that writing this post to you, who already know and love MAR·CO, is redundant, but our comment to the video has been removed by the facebook page of the manufacturer. Apparently, there's none so deaf as those who will not hear.

Still, our best wishes for the new launch and welcome to the 2000s!

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