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The new MAR.CO RIBs blog is here


Welcome to the official MAR · CO blog. This new project originates from the need and the desire to communicate directly and more frequently with all of you who love the sea and the MAR · CO brand.

The idea of opening a blog, meaning a part of the website which will be constantly updated in order to reach you, came to our minds after noticing the support and the passion that many of you has been showing us daily on facebook and Instagram. (We would like to take the opportunity offered by this post to thank you all, with the immutable certainty that we might not have the greatest number of fans, but surely we have the best ones. And as for boats, we strongly believe that it’s quality, rather than quantity, that eventually makes all the difference.)

Hence, this new project has two main purposes: on the one hand we would like to boost the communication with all of you who have already been following us on social media, on the other hand we wish to start a new dialogue with all MAR · CO enthusiasts that do not follow us on Facebook or Instagram.

MAR.CO gommoni ribs boats 5

What are we going to write here? In truth, we decided not to reveal anything in advance. Maybe because we still have to understand what we will tell you and how. Or maybe we have a precise plan in our minds but we don’t want to spoil the surprise. So if you are still curious to know about the project, you’ll just have to stay tuned!

Just a little preview: the first post (already online) consists in a collection of pictures of a new MAR · CO RIB we produced and delivered to the customer in May 2018. Obviously, all the details, from colours to optional extras, are the result of customer’s desires. But if you’re reading this, it’s highly probable that you already know that one of the fundamental pillars of MAR · CO DNA is uniqueness, meaning the possibility to entirely customize your boat in each single detail, from bow to stern.

Finally, we leave you with a last note. This blog is a work in progress and we are sure that there are many ways in which it can be improved. After all, nothing is perfect in this world. Because of technical reasons it is not possible for you to comment the posts directly. Still, we will be happy to read your comments and suggestions on facebook, Instagram or at the e-mail address

Thank you for your precious attention. Let’s stay in touch!

MAR.CO ribs seventeen 5 meters mt


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