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MAR.CO passion (Summer 18)

Aggiornamento: 11 ott 2018

During last summer, we received a lot of pics and videos of your vacation with MAR·CO and we posted them on our facebook and instagram pages. Here's a collection of the best ones!

We would like to thank everyone for sharing these wonderful moments with all of us.


MAR.CO passion 2018

Egidio & family enjoying the sea aboard their MAR·CO TWENTYTWO...and showing us how to properly use a drone!

MAR.CO passion 2018

Severino & friends on their 2018 Corsica tour

MAR.CO passion 2018

MAR.CO passion 2018

Matteo, Andrea & friends having a lot of fun in Mortorio Island, Sardinia with their MAR·CO TWENTYTHREE

Leo and this magnificent view of Monte Cofano, Sicily from his MAR·CO Altura 64

Pierangelo and his MAR·CO EIGHTEEN: "The best RIB ever"

RIB low tide

Pietro meets low tide in Northern France =)

RIB boat drone

boat donkeys

Wonderful shots by Mauro "Mboy" from Croatia


Amedeo’s eternal MAR·CO Altura 51: 26 years and counting!

Roberto and his e-motion 29 in Croatia

Roberto’s EIGHTEEN in Caprera island, Sardinia

Andrea's TWENTYSIX in Croatia

Roberto and his e-motion 32 from Sardinia

Vincenzo and his MAR·CO TWENTYSIX "Panta rei" at Caprera Island, Sardinia

marco marine costruzioni

Fantastic photo of Hans' e-motion 29 from Croatia

Another picture from a great MAR·CO fan and huge friend of ours. We are proud to introduce you "The Pinu's TWENTYTHREE"!

Stefano’s MAR·CO in Dugi Otok, Croatia

Gianvittorio testing his MAR·CO TWENTY

MAR.CO passion

Giovanni's stunning pic from Santa Cesarea Terme, Puglia

Gianluca's TWENTYTHREE in Vrgada Island, Croatia

Luciano's TWENTYTHREE from Cala Zafferano, Sardinia. Click here for more awesome pics!

rib lake como

Dario’s family in Lake Como

Nicola & family in front of Villa del Balbianello, Como Lake

Again, thank you so much for all your passion: it truly means everything to us. Because MAR·CO passion means our passion and your passion.

If you want to share with all of us some photos, videos or comments, feel free to send them to!

MAR·CO team


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