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e-motion 32 news: upgrade of driving bench and dashboard (2019 project)

e-motion 32 changes its look, thanks to the update of the driving bench and the dashboard. The 2019 project introduces several novelties, all described in this post, with the goal of improving the two elements both in terms of pure beauty and functionality.



marco ribs

ribs driving bench
  • Upgrade of the design concept, characterized by more defined and sharper edges;

ribs boat drawer fridge
  • 100 L drawer refrigerator (replacing the 70 L top-loading refrigerator of the previous version), with increased accessibility;

rhib bolster
  • Possibility to access the kitchen area, opening the fiberglass top, while the driving seats are occupied;

  • Possibility to choose between a gas stove and a garbage storage, in addition to the sink;

ribs driving seats
  • Complete makeover of the driving seats, now equipped with seatbacks, armrests and the possibility to set them in 2 different positions: comfort vs sport;


rib boat dashboard e-motion 32
  • In line with the bench, upgrade of the design concept, characterized by more defined and sharper edges;

  • New control panel with INOX, anti-vandal, thermal-magnetic circuit-breaker push buttons;

e-motion 32 rib boat
  • Increased surface available for navigation instruments;

  • Increased visibility and accessibility of navigation instruments.

In the boat depicted in the photos above, the driving bench is in metallic black while the dashboard is in white. Here at MAR·CO we actually offer you the possibility to customize your boat in countless different ways, which are impossible to list exhaustively. Visit MAR·CO's dna or contact us at and discover how you can make your boat truly unique!

Stay tuned!

MAR·CO team


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