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The place where it all started. In 1974 in the garage of his own house, Mario Zamuner  founded MAR.CO and built the first MAR.COs boats


the origins of passion

During the ’70s, an employee of an important Italian company responsible for the production of inflatable boats starts dreaming about a different way of production: a system based on artisanal handicraft, as opposed to industrial large-scale production.

With the help of his wife Carmen and their two sons Mauro and Marco, he decides to make small boats in the garage of their house in the outskirts of Seregno, a small town between Milan and Lake Como.

It was 1974 and MAR.CO Marine Costruzioni was founded out of the dreams and passion of Mario Zamuner and his family.

The name chosen for the company is both an acronym of “Marine Costruzioni” (which stands for MARine COnstructions) and a tribute to the youngest son, Marco, born in 1971.

mauro zamuner marco zamuner

Mauro and Marco, sons of the founder Mario Zamuner and current owners of the company

Mario Zamuner Mauro Zamuner

Mario with his firstborn Mauro in the '60s, before the foundation of MAR.CO

mauro zamuner

Mauro, the eldest son of Mario

mario zamuner

Mario aboard a MAR.CO brio, the first line produced by the brand gommoni storia.jpg

One of the first six MAR.COs ever made, on top of a FIAT 131


RIBs revolution

Boosted by Mario and his sons’ love for navigation, in the eighties and the nineties MAR.CO takes part in the revolution of the product itself: RIBs evolve from safe and cheap means of transportation into an expression of beauty and comfort at sea.


If at the beginning of our journey inflatable boats are small, almost only orange or red boats without rigid hull that can be disassembled, after a few years the shapes evolve, increasing spaces and comfort aboard, colors change, and lines transform, becoming more elegant.

The two last decades of the 20th century are the epic times of ALTURA line, the first MAR.CO’s big success. Even if ALTURA is out of production nowadays, the line is not only pleasantly and nostalgically remembered by numerous MAR.CO fans, but it is also used for vacation by many clients, who still conserve their ALTURA.

In these years MAR.CO  leads the process of technological innovation: the company is the first Italian boatyard introducing the fiberglass rollbar and a wide range of colors for the tubes, and one of the first Italian manufacturer adopting the fiberglass hull.

The last challenge of the century is the greatest: in 1999 Mario Zamuner dies. Hence MAR.CO will have to face the challenges brought by the new millennium without the guide of its founder.

mauro zamuner marco zamuner

Mauro e Marco Zamuner during a sea-trial gommoni altura.jpg

MAR.CO ALTURA with shapes and colors typical of the early eighties

MAR.CO Marine Costruzioni migliori gommoni barche Italia

In the '90, MAR.CO  is a modern boat, both in lines and colors altura.jpg

Between the end of 20th cenury and the beginning of 21st century, the revolution is complete: the small and cheap mean of transportation that can be put in the trunk of the car is only a memory


expansion of the brand

The new millennium represents the period of major expansion for the company, led by Mauro and Marco Zamuner.

The exponential increase of the demand forces MAR.CO to transfer to a new plant, big enough to host the increased production. In 2002 the company moves to its current location in Muggiò, still between Milan and Lake Como.

e-motion, the first cabin RIB by MAR.CO, revolutionizes the concept itelf of cabin RIB and it is now a considered a standard for the entire cabin market.

The lastborn line, r-evolution, is the first MAR.CO model larger than 10 meters and the proud flagship of the brand.

The expansion in the new millennium affects also the dimension of the market: strengthened its predominant role in Italy, MAR.CO enters new European markets from Greece to Spain, from France to Germany. e-motion 32 blu.jpg

e-motion has a comfortable cabin with bathroom, which is almost invisible from the outside and does not alter the lines of a classic RIB r-evolution 35.jpg

r-evolution is the biggest and most innovative MAR.CO ever


the best is yet to come

Proud of our history of experience and passion,  nowadays MAR.CO is a modern company, ready to face the challenges that lie ahead without forgetting its familiar and artisanal identity.

In MAR.CO, our mission is to keep every day the promise we made to our client for the first time in 1974: to always deliver the best quality and innovation.

Because the sun has just risen and the seas still to sail are infinite. And for MAR.CO and all the fans of the brand the best is yet to come, as Frank Sinatra used to sing. boats.jpg
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