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In MAR.CO, our mission is to keep day by day the promise we made to our clients for the first time in 1974: to always deliver the best quality and innovation, and stay true to our fundamental values, that define us and constitutes MAR.CO’s DNA.

MAR.CO’s DNA is what makes us unique, distinguish us from any other boat manufacturer and let us say that choosing MAR.CO means choosing the best for your vacation with your family.

Our crucial values are:

A. unicità


There are no identical MAR.COs.

Every MAR.CO is unique

In MAR.CO we are proud to offer you the possibility to entirely customize your boat in every single detail, from stem to stern, according to your needs and preferences.

Customization possibilities and attention to each customer’s peculiar needs have always distinguished us from all the competitors: no other Italian boatyard can compare to MAR.CO in terms of personalization of the product.

When you choose MAR.CO, you take part directly in the various phases of the production process of your boat, which will be tailored to your specific preferences and necessities.

Not only you can select your favorite colors for tubes, cushions, hull and all the other fiberglass components, but you can also ask for structural modifications, such as the presence of t-top, rollbar or tuna-doors. The possible changes are copious and impossible to list exhaustively. Contact or visit us in order to discover all the changes you can do to make your boat truly unique.

The infinite combination of possibilities makes us proudly say that there are no identical MAR.COs. Every MAR.CO we have ever produced in over 40 years of history is unique, as the client who ordered it.

A. Design


Elegance is not optional.

MAR.COs are instantly recognizable

“Beauty will save the world” wrote Dostoevskij. In MAR.CO we firmly believe in those words and thus we attribute a central role to the aesthetic value of our products.

We think it is possible to reach the maximum levels of safety and comfort without compromising on pure beauty: a MAR.CO cannot only be a safe and comfortable boat, but it must also be able to stand out, thanks to its unmistakable lines.

Every launch of a new model takes years of development in order to define lines and shape that truly embody the classical MAR.CO design, renowned by every sailing enthusiast for its sober elegance and the ability to combine comfort and beauty.

MAR.CO design is a timeless classic which sails through ephemeral fashion trends and evolve still remaining true to itself. Lines of every single detail are designed to enhance functionality avoiding useless redundancies.

Because elegance is not optional. And a MAR.CO is instantly recognizable

A. Innovazione


MAR.CO leads the technical

development of RIB industry

Since its foundation in 1974, MAR.CO has been renowned for being at the vanguard of technological innovation, introducing solutions that makes your life at sea safer and more enjoyable.

Our history is characterized by our pioneer role in the industry and our constant search for new ideas: from the first fiberglass rollbar and the widening of the range of colors to the revolution of the cabin RIB concept introduced by e-motion line. MAR.CO has been also one of the first boatyards to adopt infusion system, an innovative production method that makes the hull lighter and stronger at the same time.

Our pride lies not only in delivering always the best to our clients but also in doing so in an original and independent way, not following anyone and always being the cutting edge in terms of technology. Thanks to our approach, the company is now a benchmark for all boating enthusiasts and a “font of inspiration” for all other boatyards.

In MAR.CO, we strongly believe that always moving forward and delivering the most innovative solutions is not only a possibility but a duty to all brand’s enthusiasts, that expect always the best from us

A. Qualità


There are emotions that last in time.

And boats that never fade

We are honored to be considered by all industry experts as an Italian excellence in terms of quality and a symbol of first-rate made in Italy to export proudly all over the world.

In MAR.CO, quality means first of all quality of the hull. Our fiberglass hulls (available also with infusion system), characterized by a deep-V shape, are renowned for guaranteeing maximum comfort and safety to your boating experience.

On the deck you will identify the signs of a meticulous attention to details. Election and treatment of all materials is a top priority for us. A thorough selection process allows us to select only the best and most durable construction materials and components.

Our words are proven by two facts: on the one hand, by the high number of our clients that still spend their vacation with MAR.COs produced more than 20 years ago, on the other hand by the prices in the used boat market: the low depreciation in time of a MAR.CO represents still another proof of its durable quality.

Because there are emotions that last in time. And boats that never fade.

A. Comfort


For those who love enjoying the sea

without giving up comfort

If you think of an inflatable boat as a safe but humble mean of transportation, more practical than luxurious and comfortable, it’s because you have never been aboard a MAR.CO.

For over 40 years we have been not only producing boats but also enjoying the sea the way you do. Our vacation are just like yours. That’s why we know that your vacation matters and deserves the best. Decades of experience at sea are what inspires us to design products that are conceived to maximize your comfort. From the most compact to the largest model, the deck is thoroughly designed to guarantee ease and relax to you and all the members of your family.

Maximum comfort is delivered also during the ride, which is extremely stable and dry for all passengers thanks to the deep-V hull. Indeed, we have always chosen to conceive boats that can achieve highest comfort and safety for everyone, at the price of some knots of maximum speed.

Because in a MAR.CO every detail and every space are imagined for those who love enjoying the sea without giving up comfort.

A. Passione


MAR.CO means passion.

Our passion, your passion

Here at MAR.CO, designing and manufacturing boats has never been just a job. It has always been our passion, for over 40 years and three generations.

For this reason we reject the idea of an industrial production system that deliver all identical pieces with the single goal of maximize profits. Instead, we choose every day to bet on our passion and follow the Italian artisanal tradition. For this reason, every MAR.CO is made to order and tailored precisely to the owner.

It’s a pleasure for us to work with you during the various production processes of your boat in order to identify the solutions that better fit your needs and preferences. In MAR.CO, our favourite moment is not the selling but the following one, when your passion combines with ours to realize a personalized and exclusive product, which can make your vacation truly unique.

When you choose MAR.CO, you don’t become just a customer. You become part of a large family of MAR.CO enthusiasts and fans. As any MAR.CO owner can confirm, no other company can compare to us in terms of post-sale services: with us you will never feel alone.

In order to have photos of smiling people on our boats, we don’t need to pay for professional shootings. Because MAR.CO means passion. Our passion, your passion.

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